On Tuesday Ugly Dog Distilleries in Downtown Chelsea, MI opened it's doors for us to have our first in-person Rotary meeting of the fall season. Our feature speaker was the manger of Ugly Dog Distilleries Rob Mida. Rob shared with us some of the challenges they faced during COVID-19 and what they did to overcome them.
One big decision that helped them was switching over from making craft spirits to craft hand sanitizer. Within 3 days they were able to start producing this vital product making it available for the local community. They also donated over 500 bottles of hands sanitizer to the Chelsea Library and other local companies that were in need. 
Rob also mentioned that the approval of "To Go Cocktails" from the state was a huge boost for Ugly Dog. Known for their craft liquor and craft cocktails this was a game changer. Selling out in just 3 days (July 1st - 3rd) of all their craft cocktails, Ugly Dog knew they had found a new niche. It worked so well that they will be coming out with a whole new lineup for the fall!!!
Rob noted through community support, transition to craft hand sanitizer, and craft to go cocktails Ugly Dog didn't have to lay anyone off. Rob actually brought some people on to help with the demand that was coming from the local business and community. 
We want to thank Rob Mida and Ugly Dog Distilleries for opening their doors to us and being a shining example of a business in our community that puts service above self.